5 Easy and Quick Ways to Boost Your Career

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By Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt, PhD
You are the only true manager of your career. Everything you do in both public and private can have a bearing on your career success. Let’s face it, some people appear luckier than others, but when it boils right down to why some people are more successful than others is because they do things that make them stand out in a crowd.

Every workplace is different. As a teacher, I know that there are on average 30 people in a regular classroom. 200 people in an average corporate department in the office, and a group of 5 maybe in which you’re assigned to work with. On a broader scale, there are approximately 7.6 billion human beings residing on Earth as of December 2017. Why am I citing statistics you ask?
Here is my point: in a world so congested and full of different people, you are just a mere raindrop in the storm. If in some way you do not prove yourself, show your potential and express your opinions, then a raindrop is all you will ever be; living in the background, never rising, never standing out. This article is for the people who refuse to accept that: for those who refuse to live in the background or in the shadow of others. Be it the classroom, the office, or life itself, follow these guidelines and you won’t ever get lost in the crowd again.
Dress smartly

Looks don’t matter; it is what’s inside that counts – if you ask me that is one of the most overdone phrases of this century. Unfortunately, as you look at the corporate ladder, it is usually the most-handsome and beautiful ones who quickly rise to power.  Looks do matter. To be brutally honest, they matter a lot. By looks I do not mean your physical appearance – your appearance is your gift by birth and should not be changed. What I mean is your attire. Always, always dress smartly. Wearing spotless and pressed attire in the office can make all the difference when your boss is picking the person to present in the next meeting. Keep variety in your wardrobe and dress according to occasion – a well dressed person is a lot more likely to make a good impression than a sloppy one. When you look good, you are sending a positive message to yourself and others. Look good---feel good.

2.      Manners the make man/woman

Be polite. Be lenient with your please's and thank you’s. Open the door for the ladies; stand up on the bus if you see an elderly person unable to sit. Greet your co-workers and boss with a smile in the morning, and the list goes on and on and on. Everyone remembers a person who behaves in such a way. It creates the most positive image imaginable and will instantly make you a role-model for others. I am a firm believe that it is not what you say, but how you say it that matters most. Treating everyone with respect, no matter how they treat you will be remembered most by onlookers. You can never undo disrespectful or selfish behavior. You might find that always being a person that shows genuine respect with positive manners will serve your career well.

3.      Speak out!

How many times have you known the answer to a question but still remained mute because no one else in the room was answering? These moments are opportunities. There are chances for you to express your opinion, and your intellect. Answer questions and in turn ask them too. I cannot emphasize this point enough – the moment you start speaking is the moment you become visible to the people around you. Think before you speak and create win-win outcomes by speaking out and looking out for all that are involved. Leaders take action and try to make a positive difference at every opportunity.


It’s been written in capitals for a reason you know. Be bold. Show in your actions and words that you are not afraid, that you are ready to lead, you are ready to show the world what you’ve got. Confidence is key, because possessing it automatically makes you a target, a force to be reckoned with. That is exactly what you want to be - a force to be reckoned with. You must know your own value and help others to recognize it too. You are the only “brand manager” you will ever have. Choose your actions wisely, be thoughtful and act with confidence. You may be surprised how it makes a positive difference.

5.      Observe and Listen

This skill doesn’t directly link with standing out, but it’s important all the same. By reading the expressions, or tasting the atmosphere around surrounding you, you will know exactly what to say at the right moment. People want a leader who listens to their thoughts and opinions. So, listen to the people before you make your move. Otherwise you’re just being foolish. Listen to understand. We need others to help us know what we do not know.  Show others you are listening careful. It takes more time to fix mistakes when assuming was done more than listening. Just take time to listen. It helps create better solutions in the longer and shorter-run.

6.      Be Smart

Being clueless but beautiful will not keep you in the limelight for long. Go do your research on issues and initiatives that need to be accomplished. Period.  Being smart means gathering enough information to make the best decisions possible. It is not what happens that matters as much as what you chose to do. Success is all about the quality of decisions you make. Be smart and make good choices. Your career depends on it.

Following these five guidelines can take a person a long way in life. Standing out is the foundation to greatness. You must know of your own potential and be a wise personal brand manager for yourself. The time has come to show the world as well.

Dr. Paul Gerhardt is a tenured professor of management, diversity and leadership lecturer and the author of several publications available on Amazon.com, including Diversity at Work and the new Leadership Handbook. You can get your FREE COPY of the Leadership Handbook by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/Free-Leadership-Handbook

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