Leadership Skills Workbook

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The success of each leader depends largely on how much they are nurtured to grow their skills and accumulate experiences as well as the right knowledge before they arose to positions of power.

Great leaders feel comfortable in their functions as role models and influential figures in their organizations because they are in fact competent in guiding others to overcome obstacles and achieve common goals.

Leadership training will almost certainly force learners out of their comfort zone. Even if they already possess good leadership skills and considerable level of confidence, they always find room for progress. The goal is to put learners in unexpected situations where their ideas and actions or decisions can make positive impact in the final result. Self-confidence is crucial both in organizational and social settings; the exercises practiced during leadership training program will encourage learners to be confident in their opinions regardless of oppositions.

Leaders are not born and leadership does not come entirely from one’s genes. Leadership are skills that are gained with the right training.  Start by reading each lesson and then do the activity as you desire.

ISBN: 978-0-359-83089-3
Language: English
Pages: 164