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March 14, 2018 0 Comments

Bring Great Energy in All That You Do

By Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt, PhD

There are times in our lives when despite being well fed and rested we still lack the energy to get out of bed and get dressed. This lack of energy may be the result of some emotional stress or sadness, but basically whatever the problem maybe it is inside one’s own head. A leader, like any other human, goes through their ups and downs as well. However, if they regularly do not bring energy into everything they do, problems will begin to arise. So why tackle every action brimming with mental energy?

How To Get Better Results - Supervision Essentials

Well, the first reason is when a person is working fiercely, he/she tends to have a big effect on the people around them. When that person is the leader, the effect is severely magnified. Positive energy is contagious. The people around you will become motivated by your passion and zeal and will also quicken their pace to match yours. As the saying goes, everyone follows the leader – so if the leader is energized enough, so soon will the team try to maintain that vigor.

Putting your whole heart and soul into everything you do will also bring about the best results. A person is most productive when he/she concentrates fully on each individual task and tackles it head on—one thing at a time. Where you focus your energy, that is where you will get your results. Putting enough energy into your actions will mean you are getting things done quicker, and more efficiently. This is why we shouldn’t pursue a course of action that our mind is feeling conflicted about – your head won’t be into it and eventually, you will realize that it was a waste of valuable time.
Again, when a person is healthy but lacking energy, it means that their spirit needs to be restored. In that case, leaders can have a go at some of the most successful rejuvenating exercises existing: yoga and meditation. If that sounds too much for you, making time to spend with nature in a forest or on a beach can do amazing wonders for your energy too. Give that a try. You may find it is exactly what you need.  

Some people find that regularly practicing yoga can make your body feel lighter and amazingly freer. There is lots of information on the web that discusses how meditation can change your frame of mind and it can be done anywhere at any time. Give yourself a minimum of 20 minutes to close your eyes and clear your mind. Imagine spending time with those you love the most or taking a walk out in nature on an adventure. Scientists have shown that if your mind can perceive it, your body will feel it. Others have found that our minds can heal our bodies with the right time and dedication. What you focus on is where you get your results!

People, who are going through a difficult phase of a lack in mental energy, due to some personal trauma, should remember this: “Whatever happened has happened and you cannot change it. At that time of your life it may actually be the best possible thing  needed to happen to you in the longer-run. Accept it.” These words may get you through many  bad times. Leaders, it can get you through amazing circumstances too. Usually we can make things that seem big to us, not so big, and greater opportunities and growth are almost always the result of such circumstances, right? Yoga and meditation (with the right instructor) has the power to bring back your energy and heal your soul, as does taking time with nature (I dare you to try it).

Productivity and motivation aren’t the only benefits of tackling everything with great energy. It also affects your physical appearance, the way you dress and how much you smile.  When you change your physical state, you change the way you feel. Our body and mind are connected. We each are the only people who have control over the way we see things. How we see things, affects what we do, which affects results. Try to be energetic in order to benefit both you and your surroundings, which makes you a better leader. As you know, each leader has the biggest influence on the culture and climate of each team. Therefore, when the leader is not whole and healthy, the team surely will not be the best it can be.

Dr. Paul Gerhardt is a tenured professor of management, diversity and leadership lecturer/trainer and the author of several publications available on, including Diversity at Work and the new Leadership Handbook. Consider inviting Dr. Paul Gerhardt to do customized leadership or diversity training at your organization. Most organizations find that diversity and leadership training by the right trainer has a significant instant return on investment. You can get your FREE COPY of the Leadership Handbook by clicking this link:


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