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April 20, 2018 0 Comments

Take Time Now To Envision A Better You

By Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt, PhD

Remember that New Year’s resolution? Yes, that tiny (or not) list you made in your head, to accomplish this year? I’ll take a leap here and say that for at least 90% of people the New Year’s resolution lasts for exactly that long – the time of the New Year. There is absolutely no need to wait for the month of January to envision and work towards a better you. If you truly want to change, then the best time is now. This second, this hour, this day – sort out your priorities and start to improve yourself right at this very moment. It is a choice that takes committed-dedication, time allocation, and the right kind of support.

It is commonly said by scientists that after a certain age it is very difficult (close to impossible) for a person to change their own habits and values. These core ideas have been built in and practiced from an early age; hence the difficulty in changing them. Therefore, if you would like to see a better version of yourself, write down on paper the plans and get to work straight away. Changing habits get only harder with age and unfortunately, none of us are getting any younger.

Take some time to yourself for a change. Use this time not to sleep or eat, use it to grab a pen and paper and think deep and hard about your priorities. Has giving time to your family been something on your to do list for a long while now? Well then, figure out why you’re not being able to make the time and then shift around priorities to put family first. Again, I will just remind you that time waits for no one. You may wake up to your child’s engagement one day thinking how on Earth the years went by so fast! Don’t be the parent who regrets the times gone, wishing that they could have done more. Be the parent who has countless beautiful memories to look back to and has something to cherish in their heart forever.

Follow in the footsteps of your hero, until one day you become that person. Great leaders were not born without aspiring to be someone. If you admire the actions of Oprah Winfrey for example, then take a leaf out of her book and begin something that helps others. Donate to charities. Help someone. Respect people regardless of their race, gender, age, background and encourage, support and promote diversity where ever you go.

In the workplace have you always desired to work under a boss who makes an effort to get to know their employees? Whose actions portray their kindness towards the environment and also towards people in general? You can be that person too. One day you may very well have the chance to head a company and lead a team. Remember these things you wanted from your old boss and be sure to implement these characteristics in yourself. This is the way to envision and achieve a better you: you must take a look at the good actions of others and incorporate them into yourself. You get to choose what kind of leader you want to be. You get to choose your actions and your plans that build your own person reputation and legacy. Most importantly, you need to do it now – who knows whether you’ll ever get an opportunity later.

What do you want people to say about you behind your back or when you are gone? You get to create that with your actions. Every success starts with a solid plan and incremental actions that fulfill the plan and vision of success. It includes every word you speak, every action, and every decision. Everything adds up to build your reputation and your legacy.

The saying really is true, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Create the life and career you really want by taking action now, so you do not have any regrets later. I double-dog dare you to do something today you will be very proud of later.

Dr. Paul Gerhardt is a tenured professor of management, diversity and well-respected and trusted  leadership lecturer/trainer who helps organizations get amazing returns on investment. Dr. Gerhardt is the author of several publications available on, including Diversity at Work and the new Leadership Handbook. Consider inviting Dr. Paul Gerhardt to do customized leadership or diversity training at your organization. Most organizations find that diversity and leadership training by the right trainer has a significant instant return on investment. You can get your FREE COPY of the Leadership Handbook by clicking this link:


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