Why Some Leaders Succeed And Others Fail

May 24, 2018 0 Comments

Why Actions Create Success
By Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt, PhD
Actions are what bring change. They have consequences which have the power to be both good and bad. Great leadership is simply being able to take the right action at the right time to produce consistently positive results. Throughout history we have seen examples of many great figures whose one decision dictated the course of their path to success. Today we are going to take a look at some of the main reasons why taking a strong, planned action can lead to a favorable outcome.
An action introduces change: An action no matter what it is or how planned it is, will always manage to bring disruption and change into your life. It will alter the scenario and create a circular ripple – something that has the power to affect everything around it. Change is the sure way to success. It can lead to both good and bad outcomes. However, consider the following: an unfavorable outcome only serves to teach you a lesson about the decisions you made and is a warning so that they are not made again in the future. To sum it up, there is no bad outcome.
An action lets you take risks: No person will ever be able to rise higher if they don’t take risks. Risk taking is one of the most important skills that an employer judges during an interview. They judge a person’s ability to innovate, to take risks, to make decisions and overall their ability to lead. The only way leadership skills can be fully developed is by placing a person in a situation where he/she has to make decisions and face risks. Sometimes, entrepreneurs, and leaders alike find themselves at a cross roads. They have the option to either play it safe or take a leap of faith. Taking the action will let you make that leap; it will also make you a better leader.
Decisive actions increase a person’s leadership skills and confidence: Many traits are required to become a great leader. Among them there is wisdom, character, an ability to communicate and persuade others and much more. However, what makes a leader stand out the most is his/her ability to take swift actions which generate positive results. A decisive person will have more ability in this matter since they can stick to their decisions and impose it firmly. Success will never come to those who wait for it; the right decision needs to be made at the right time to invite success in.
Actions are what define a human. Their character, personality and traits depend upon the decisions they make and the actions they take. For example, a king when faced with the prospect of either sparing or ending the life of a trialed criminal has two choices ahead of him. The king cannot just back out of making the choice. That would appear immature and will create talk among followers. Whatever the decision he makes, the king will forever be haunted by it. His people will either call him merciful or vengeful. However, he has indeed made a choice and the result of his actions may indeed lead to success.
So too it is with your life. You must choose in advance what you want people to remember about you. Will it be your kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, and assertiveness? Or will it be that you did not listen as much as you could have, that you did not show you appreciated people around you, or that you used people and treated them like numbers? Whatever actions you choose, that is what may be remembered about you.
It is always wise to take a moment to consider what would be a win-win outcome for all involved and make sure that your decision includes acting in a way that is mature, emotionally intelligent, and culturally competent. Smart leaders know that they need the valuable insights of others to understand multiple perspectives better before taking action. This suggests that leaders need to be approachable, trustworthy, and honorable at all times. No human can know everything. This is why teams produce better results under wise leaders, than individuals who are only thinking of herself/himself and do not cultivate a culture that is conducive to better outcomes, increased profits, lower employee turnover, and greater job satisfaction.
Yes. You have the power to influence your own success, and the success of others. Listening is every great leader's greatest asset. Do you really know what you do not know? Create a team founded on trust, honesty and transparency. See how this can pay significant dividends in the longer-run. Thinking win-win before you act creates a brighter future for sure, as well as a reputation of being a leader that makes a positive difference.
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