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Diversity & Cultural Competence Skills Training Workbook

The best book on diversity management available! Based upon the latest research, this is perhaps the greatest tool ever developed to help leaders and employees of all-levels develop the number one game-changing skill. Scholars agree that in order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in an industry, leaders must be more culturally competent and learn to effectively leverage the diversity of their team. Cross-cultural competence is comprised of everything from knowing how and when to listen, to realizing that other people may work or learn through different path than yours. This workbook breaks down key concepts from the latest research to help you grow your cultural competence and take your skills for managing diversity to greater levels in a step-by-step approach. Read the short lessons, reflect, then build your skills by doing the short writing assignments at your own convenience.

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ISBN: 978-0-359-8045-6
Pages: 144
Published: 2019


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