Time Management Tips: How To Manage Time Effectively

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There are so many anecdotes floating around about time, we know that "time is money", "time is the only true currency we have", "time waits for no man" and a personal favorite "you have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé".

But as we've also heard time is ephemeral, it is fleeting and so easy to slip out of our grasp. But is it really? We often bundle ourselves with so many minor inconsequential tasks that we end up doing so much, accomplishing nothing and wondering where the time went. Clearly it is not enough to use up all hours of the day (and night) we must also ensure we are using them effectively.

Making the conscious decision to manage our time properly inevitably leads us to our ultimate goal, better productivity. The aim as always is to work smarter not harder and contrary to your inner critic there is enough time to do all you want, you just have to carve it out.

To get you on track and headed in the right direction a few tips have been compiled for you to peruse (during your break of course)

Set Realistic Goals

Write down realistic, achievable goals. These goals have to be very specific and relevant to you. Access your current situation and lift out your most pressing problems and write them, this lets you know exactly what you need to be working towards.

Write A List

At this stage in your life, there's no excuse for "winging it." Spontaneity is exciting but if not controlled can lead to an unstructured life. If you have things to do please just put them down. Upon doing this, you'd be better able to remember tasks and therefore follow it. On your list, you can attach a checkbox and place asterisks over important tasks or better still download an app.

Apps like Splendo, Google keep, Evernote are ideal for this. Following a list is the best way to get things done as your mind wouldn't be at rest until you've checked it off. This is infinitely better than conveniently forgetting about important tasks.

Follow a Time Limit

After setting up your goals and tasks also set a time limit for them and stick to it. Setting a limit will push you to finish on time making it another goal to achieve. Instead of saying "I will get this done before evening" say instead "I will finish in 3 hours". A time limit is a signed contract you can't renege on, it increases your efficiency and therefore output.

Also give yourself time between tasks to cool off and take fresh air. Use this time to meditate or take a short walk to clear your mind and stay focused.


A way to do this is to identify the most important things you have to do for the day and put them right at the top of your list. Once you have completed these tasks you find it becomes easy to do other rote work. Prioritize your work and time; it's not enough to be efficient we should also aim for effectiveness.

Finally -- Just Say No

If you won't have time to help a friend or coworker with that report simply telling them no would save you stress. Do not compromise your resting time for the sake of others as your brain needs it nightly recharge. Saying No to unnecessary requests gives you more time to focus on yourself and your work.

Make good choices and have a great day! Only you get to choose how you feel about it!

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