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The success and failure of an organization or business largely depend on the types of leaders that have been employed to manage the activities of the firm. Every organization must ensure that anyone who must be appointed a leader has the critical leadership qualities that will bring progress to the firm. A leader must be a person that has a vision, courage to withstand pressure; integrity, self-esteem, committed humility and focused at all time.  Fortunately, most of these leadership qualities can be learned through constant practice and repetition.
Some of the qualities of a successful leader include the following
  • Courage: One of the qualities of a successful leader is courage. Having courage means that the leader can take a risk to achieve the organizational set goals even when there is no assurance of success.
  • Integrity: A successful leader is one that has integrity. Someone that has integrity has nothing to fear. He is always truthful at all times, and by being correct, he can be trusted at all time.
  • Humility: A successful leader is one that is humble and never proud, being humble does not mean that you are weak instead; it means that you have confidence in yourself and know the value of hearing from others without feeling threatened.
  • Strategic in making plans: Successful leaders are those that are strategic in making plans that will lead to the success of the organization. They look ahead, think ahead and anticipate new trends.
  • Focused: Successful leaders are focused; they do not shift ground no matter what is happening around them. They remained focused on the price and forget about their past failures. There only desire is to achieve a result and make the company great. They timelessly pursue their visions and try to remove any obstacle on their way.
  • Build the right team: Successful leaders are those that have team spirit; they can build a team of people who cooperate with them and also bring results to the firm. They also adapt easily to the lifestyle in an environment where ever they find themselves. Also, they are also able to manage the strengths and weaknesses of their team members.
  • Provide feedback and monitor performance: A good leader does not only assign roles to his or her team members. He also monitors them and ensures that they dutifully carry out their responsibilities. They give feedback to their team members on their performance, and they never downgrade or belittle anyone.
  • They are approachable: Successful leaders are friendly and approachable; they are open and honest when communicating with their staffs. They are innovative and productive; they have a way of communicating with both the client and staff without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Finally, any firm that wants to make considerable progress within the shortest time must ensure that they have employ leaders who have all the qualities listed above because the success and failure of an organization largely depend on the type of people that mane the affairs of the firm.

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