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Employee happiness and engagement are often used interchangeably. However, they mean two different things, happy employees are not always the engaged employees. And most times, the engaged employees are also not the most efficient once. A happy employee may be happy at work but lack engagement.
Most of them just come to work to enjoy the companionship of co-staff, appreciate the free breakfast provided at the workplace and are only satisfied receiving salaries without making an impact. These sets of people are unproductive and very lazy. However an engaged employee, on the other hand, shows an emotional commitment to their job, they care about the role and invest a lot of time to ensure that they achieve results. They are the once the organization runs to when things are about to go wrong; they stay up late at night when a problem arises, and they never try to cut corners.
Presently, there is a silent killer that is lurking in many companies. By silent killer, I mean workplace frustration, which can undermine the enthusiasm, energy, and performance of the best employee. Research shows that there are a lot of workplace frustrations that is continually undermining the energy, performance, and enthusiasm of the best talent in most organizations.
A lot of employees who are prepared to give in their best in the workplace are either held back by jobs that do not suit them or bad managers that makes them feel either redundant or overused. Also, this problem is often overlooked in the workplace by the Human Resource Managers who focus more on employee commitment, and employee satisfaction while issues related to how the organization supports the employee is neglected.
Also, due to the high rate of unemployment in the world today, most employees are scared to speak out in order not to lose their jobs or be disciplined by the management. If managers do not carefully ensure that the roles assigned to their employees are suitable for them and also provide a safe work environment that allows the employee to channels his or her extra effort into productiveness, then they may end up losing that employee. Firms that want to retain their engaged employees must do a lot of things to ensure that they attain employee engagement and this includes the following.
  • Recognizing hardworking employees - Telling your employees how proud you are about them for putting extra effort into getting a job done will help improve engagement.
  • Investing in professional development - Most firms find it challenging to invest in trainings and workshops aimed at empowering the employees. However, investing in professional development opportunities is indirectly investing in the future of your organization.
  • Allowing employees to pursue their pet projects - When an employee does the same job routine on a daily basis, it becomes so annoying. Therefore it is essential for an employee to have opportunities to also work in other departments.
  • Planning activities that strengthen staff relationship - Most employees will be more productive when they work with their co-workers. Try to schedule events that would give your employees time to interact with their co-workers and get to know each other better.
  • Respecting your staff - No employee would like to work with a bad and insulting boss who doesn't treat them well. It is essential to address your teams respectfully and also allow them to enjoy some level of freedom.

Finally, if you are interested in taking your company to the next level, then you must also plan to invest in engagement. Investing in engagement can go a long way to strengthen your organization workforce and increase productivity.
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